“Probabilities collapse. I become increasingly unlikely.” — Robert Charles Wilson, “Divided by Infinity”

From Minnesota, via California, now New York. I'm always learning, and I often think most things should slow down a little, though I'm still working on that practice for myself. I've been a tech nerd since my teens in the 1990s, but didn't begin to take it seriously until around 2009.

I'm now a Desktop Systems Engineer with a large global law firm, involved in desktop & mobile security, testing, deployment, and 3rd tier user support.

You can visit my main site 73k.us for my resume, portfolio, and links to social accounts.

This blog, powered by WriteFreely, is hosted on on a plucky Raspberry Pi 4 running Ubuntu Linux. This little hero also runs Pi-Hole, Gitea, Miniflux, ZNC, Calibre-Web, BicBucStriim, gossa, Syncthing, and a little hubot for my family's group chat (Discord for now).

On a beefier Windows machine I run Plex and several apps in Docker, including Komga, Paperless, The Lounge, and a group of others (like transmission-openvpn and nzbget (Arr!))

I'm very lucky to have some super amazing people in my life, always reminding me of how little I know, enabling beautiful experiences, and appreciating places and systems I otherwise wouldn't give a second thought to.